“Russell has an open and kind nature which comes through in all his sessions. I was a little nervous to start with, as I’m fairly new to meditation. But it was obvious immediately that there truly is no judgement or expectation, and no pressure. We were made to feel really comfortable and welcome.

“In other meditation sessions I’ve felt like I’m not “doing it properly” or not doing “the right thing”. Without me even telling him that, Russell seemed to know it, and would constantly offer different ways to think of things. He would say “if that’s not working for you tonight, maybe try this…”. He also often reminded us that it’s normal to find the mind wandering or to feel challenged during a session. For me, this was really helpful and reassuring.”

Leanne – Melbourne

“I attended Russell’s 6 week online Mindfulness and Meditation course, and have been feeling the positive effects for the last few weeks since completing it. Russell presents the course in a really clear and straightforward way. He included different techniques each week that can be built upon and that are really effective in helping to recognise and reduce anxiety when it comes up.

“For me, it helped me to be more aware of my own ways of behaving and more accepting of the things that are going on around me, without reacting to them. The meditations that we practiced together were so beautifully relaxing. A really wonderful experience.”

Kate- Melbourne


“Russell is a wonderful massage therapist, he is experienced, skilful, intuitive, gentle and has a very calming, reassuring presence.  I highly recommend Russell for relaxation and tension relief and an overall boost to your well-being and self-care regime.” – Annie McCasland-Pexton, author of Invisible Work: An Ex-Lawyer’s Guide to Self-Care

“<5 stars> Excellent service. Will definitely book again.” – Anthony, Ashburton

Let’s build a better you together.