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So I am learning as I go along, which I think in some/most ways is the best way to learn anything. This page below scrolls a bit for some posts that were my first “set” for want of a better term. The little three lines upper left from here will show some more pages with their own titles. It’s a clunky way to negotiate the site but as I’m not steering anyone to part with their money here I’ll cope with that and I hope it’s not frustrating to you. “It’s a process” as Billy Crystal says a lot in City Slickers II. Surprisingly good films I seem to recall. Peace to you. R


See here the tree whereby I heard the xylem pops. The wind rustled the branches and the pops’ pace quickened. I swear the daffodil head in my shirt perked up.

Xylem and phloem are the vein and arterial systems of trees. The smooth part you can see on this red gum is where my ear pressed and I could hear the sounds of the tree sap moving. One of the more amazing interactions I have had with nature…who knew?!



In the name of photo-honesty I sometimes think all photos should say what effects were used in their processing. Imagine if we were told what processes were used on the food we buy.

On other occasions the photographer might say what he hoped had happened as I would for this photo. I had no time, no tripod, it was dark and hence the slight shake as the point and shoot camera tried its best in low light resulting in a long exposure time. I also have very little capacity on this travel laptop for any photo fixing software so even cropping is difficult. Frankly it wouldn’t help anyway.

So let’s just agree that I hoped for that trendy slight shake effect and didn’t quite get enough shall we?

But actually I want this down to earth, no glamour picture to reinforce the workman-like nature of our food. If you look up Nasturtiums you’ll get a blurb about edible flower and colourful pictures. Very nice. (Tarts for the bees?) But the leaves are where it’s at for me. They also have the distinctive peppery taste, are more numerous, you get your green hit, they are rich in vitamin C and are antibiotic.

You’ll probably not like the look of the really old leaves but even the larger ones are tender enough to eat raw – I use them instead of rocket in my cheese sandwich. In fact they really lose any strong pepperiness once in a cheese sandwich. Some use the large leaves for dolmades. Ok, glam up the salad with the flowers if you want. (Turning soft in my old age.)

“The name nasturtium comes from the Latin words for nose (nas), and tortum (twist), referring to a persons’ reaction upon tasting the spicy, bittersweet leaves. Renaissance botanists named it after watercress, (Nasturtium officinale in Latin) which tastes similar.”  –

“Nasturtiums are easy to grow and aren’t picky about soil, light or water. Rich soil produces lots of leaves, poor soil lots of blossoms. Thus they are a natural indicator of the quality of your soil. The seeds, which germinate in a week to 10 days, are large so they make a good project for kid hands.” –

So keep an eye out for this plant in the wild for your foraging. Or plant some in your garden as many believe they draw aphids away from your other plants and they really thrive. Well they would wouldn’t they, what with being a “weed”…


Glass fish Bondi Beach 14 Aug 2014

In the raw moment of creative play something comes out that seems satisfying to the senses. And often surprising too. A result that you weren’t planning, something falls together that is wonderful. You just need to put yourself in that mental/physical/creative place and not listen to the critical voice in your head that might be telling you to stop for whatever reason it’s using.

And that voice has origins in any number of places. It could simply be a harsh/thoughtless once off from a parent or teacher or friend. It could be years of telling oneself that: “I am not creative.” That’s my favourite.

The internal voice once noticed can actually be shifted a little into self-awareness anyway. It’s just a monologue. It isn’t even you…really…Eckhart Tolle says so anyway and it’s a fun idea to play with. And you can shift it to be seeing and commenting on the good happening right there. And then you can shift it to be amazed and grateful that the tool of the mind can be directed by you to a great end. Even if that end is “only” to be amazed and grateful. So the internal voice moves off into a nice quietness replaced with a gentle awareness of gratitude and appreciation.

Being creative – what a gift we have in our possession.

And did you know that when we act creatively in harmony with nature we can accelerate nature’s processes ie planting, gardening, nourishing, nurturing and regenerating the land/garden.

So be aware of what you are planting in your mind and what you are nurturing and what you are allowing in without your consent. What needs weeding out? What needs watering?

Be aware of the words you say to yourself – if bad and you catch it then right after you can balance that negative with a positive. Even better say/think lots of good things as often as possible. Say lots of good things about all sorts of things. You can be creative about that…isn’t it a lovely morning, that blokes suit looks good on him, I’m so grateful I had a safe, warm and loving home when I was growing up…the list is literally endless. And science has proven that we can forge new neural networks with this sort of reinforcement of thinking. That’s a sweet looking neural network you’ve got going on there.

Positive thinking is getting its back-lash it seems. But “realism” is just a socially acceptable form of pessimism. It’s only an opinion about an as yet unknown event that isn’t here. Even if seemingly massively probable it’s still just statistics. And then when it happens you can have different versions of events with people remembering different things in different ways. How amazing is that?

So where does that leave us?

Well ok, most of the time this isn’t an issue but if we allow for the fact that this happens then we gain a lot of freedom to choose how we “see” the world and events. Or let’s call it your world and my world and his world and her world. And we do share many parts of these worlds with each other. But we have our own unique perspective. And as discussed it’s within your control. Just look up Viktor Frankl: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Restorey – to write a new story. The picture above which inspired this outpouring is simply glass found on the beach. Having been manipulated and made safe by the sea I like the rounded edges. I did see a fish in the collection of pieces before I put these on the sand – but then played around to see what else came out. I certainly didn’t anticipate the angle of the photo and even when designing the page found it worked better rotated 90 degrees. The “play” of flow gave me that outcome. I didn’t “do” it but I was doing it, being in the moment and watching. Simple. But actually quite hard for me to allow myself to do it rather than say sitting at a computer looking for a salaried job. And even more difficult to share here in case it’s seen by someone as rubbish. Which is fine because it is rubbish…well it was until the sea made it look cool.